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Pelosi raised it as a banner of strength.

White house photo pelosi trump. House speaker nancy pelosi addresses president donald trump during a meeting with congressional leaders on syria in the cabinet room at the white house oct. Pelosi raised the 354 60 vote with trump at the meeting. President donald trump tweeted a photo of a group in a meeting at the white house with pelosi standing at the table pointing a finger at the president.

Trump tweets photo of pelosi at white house meeting accuses her of meltdown by brett samuels 101619 0714 pm edt. Troops from northern syria before meeting with trump. House speaker nancy pelosi has stated that in the now iconic white house photo of her standing up and pointing at donald trump she was addressing her dissatisfaction with how the president handled syria plus the appearances that all roads lead to putin joy reid and her panel discuss.

A photo of us house speaker nancy pelosi confronting the president donald trump at a reportedly explosive white house meeting has become a symbol of the deep divisions in washington. Nancy pelosi has hit back after donald trump tweeted a photo of their fiery white house show down over syria by making the picture her twitter cover photo. 12 white house and congressional aides.

In the image leading democrat ms pelosi is standing up at a large table surrounded by male congressional leaders. The lawmakers from both sides of the aisle entered the west wing just before 330 pm. The speaker confronted the president after the house passed a bill condemning his sudden troop withdrawal from syria by 354 votes to 60 with.

Washington president donald trump tweeted it as evidence of house speaker nancy pelosis weakness. Trumps unhinged meltdown comment which he tweeted with the photo came after pelosi walked out on a white house meeting regarding trumps decision to pull troops out of northern syria leaving kurdish fighters previously allied with the us. Who was in the white house photo of the meltdown meeting.

President trump donald john trump biden allies see boost in tuesdays election results sanders vows to end trumps policies as he unveils immigration proposal republicans warn election results are wake up call for trump. Washington after a tense day between capitol hill lawmakers and the white house house speaker nancy pelosi had a little fun.

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