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The speaker confronted the president after the house passed a bill condemning his sudden troop withdrawal from syria by 354 votes to 60 with.

White house photo pelosi. 16 2019 in the cabinet room of the white house in washington. In this photo released by the white house president donald trump center right meets with house speaker nancy pelosi standing left congressional leadership and others on oct. Nancy pelosi has hit back after donald trump tweeted a photo of their fiery white house show down over syria by making the picture her twitter cover photo.

House speaker nancy pelosi addresses president donald trump during a meeting with congressional leaders on syria in the cabinet room at the white house oct. Pelosi raised it as a banner of strength. Pelosi d calif in electric blue the only woman visible at the table standing.

Shortly after pelosi and her democratic colleagues walked out of the meeting on wednesday and accused trump of having a meltdown. Washington president donald trump tweeted it as evidence of house speaker nancy pelosis weakness. A democratic aide said that pelosi got up to leave the room when trump began calling her a name and was followed out by schumer and house minority leader steny hoyer steny hamilton hoyer the democrats generational battle white house warns against including wall restrictions in stopgap bill trump allies assail impeachment on process while house.

Cipollone recently wrote to house democrats that the white house would not participate in what he called an illegitimate impeachment inquiry. President donald trump tweeted a photo of a group in a meeting at the white house with pelosi standing at the table pointing a finger at the president. House speaker nancy pelosi used part of her weekly press conference to give her side on the collapse of her meeting with president donald trump at the white house.

The dramatic official white house photograph shows pelosi standing and pointing at the seated president across the cabinet room table. The image was meant to be an insult nervous nancys unhinged meltdown trump wrote as a caption. Much of cipollones face is hidden behind scalise.

The instantly iconic photo of speaker of the house nancy pelosi literally standing up to donald trump in a contentious cabinet room meeting about syria on wednesday is sparking a great many takes. The photo is striking. It was snapped and released by an uncredited white house photographer.

But instead it ended up as house speaker nancy pelosis twitter cover photo.

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